Little Chief


Matteo Elia Ralston is a Homid Philodox Silver Fangs

Matt grew up in West County and went to private schools. He always had an air of entitlement about him. Once he changed a few years ago this was amplified. He thinks he will become the leader of the Sept someday.

He sees the new Bosnians as a threat to his given power structure.

Member of the White Stars Pack.

Matteo was involved in the death of another garou, Marcus Pulnik. He was the son of Growling Bear

Marcus was an arrogant, violent and dangerous bully who hated Little Chief with a passion. He saw Mateo as a future rival for the Gateway Sept of the Falcon. He constantly belittled Mateo when he could and undermined him at every turn but he did so in private when no one was able to see.

During a mission to hunt down a local vampire Marcus was killed. Dark Tree that Laughs was the first to arrive but doesn’t speak of what he saw.

Little Chief

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