Rising Smoke


Ratimir Vilém Kysely is a Homid Theurge Shadow Lords

He likes fire. He was a drop out in Bosnia and a street rat. He liked to set things on fire. He changed and the local Jadefire Sept found him a week before war started. The Sept was destroyed and he survived. He continued the fight on his own until Robert found him and took him in.

After the war he resettled to St. Louis to be with his kinfolk.

Member of The Sovereigns.

Rising Smoke was killed in the attack under Contamination Site A – Glen Park by the Big Bertha Drill as it exited the tunnel. Rising Smoke was stunned by the vision of what he thought was another thunder wyrm coming out of the ground. He and Talks Too Much were both killed at the same time.

Rising Smoke was killed while on a raid of the underground facility at the Contamination Site A – Glen Park.

Rising Smoke

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