Wild Beast


Katarina Livie Pospíšil is a Homid Ahroun Shadow Lords

She owned and ran a gym that was gifted to her by her kinfolk father in Bosnia. She changed when she was 18 during a local boxing match. She killed her opponent in front of the town. The local Jadefire Sept came in and rescued her before the townsfolk had a chance to kill her. She lived in the Sept and became the Warder there. The war broke out 8 years later and she fought off the Wyrm invaders. She was present when the Sept was obliterated by a Thunderwyrm. It tore it’s way up through the center of the Sept and swallowed several of the strongest members before anyone could react. She was rescued by Robert’s team and brought into the fold.

Member of The Sovereigns.

Wild Beast was killed while on a raid of the underground facility at the Contamination Site A – Glen Park.

Wild Beast

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